LOGMS 2021

The 10th International Conference on Logistics and Maritime Systems (LOGMS 2021) will be hold by the Ocean College of Zhejiang University (Zhoushan Campus) at 29-31 October, 2021.


LOGMS provides a platform for establishing international networks among researchers and practitioners in the field of logistics and maritime systems (see related topics below). This web site is expected to provide useful information on events, experts, latest news, materials, and research institutes to researchers and practitioners in this field. We hope that every people in this area can get useful information from this web site and contribute to the improvement of this platform.

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Yanjie Zhou (y.j.zhou.g@gmail.com)

School of Management Engineering, Zhengzhou University

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Please contact us via logms.office@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding LOGMS, members, membership, upcoming conference and other related issues.